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We are here to answer questions commonly called in. To reduce service calls, please read carefully. You are always welcome to call us anytime.
B2B FAQ's 
Q. Why won't my pour-over brew coffee?
A. Make sure it has power to the outlet, the unit is filled with proper water, filters in place and the unit is on.
Q. Why is the light flashing on the unit?
A. Look closely and you will see on the screen or under the light it is in brew mode. 
Q. Water is going all over the counter. What happened?
A. The unit has be overfilled. There is a pipe on the bottom of machine. Don't flip the machine upside down.
Q. I broke a decanter. What now?
A. A million bucks gets you a new one. Just Kidding.... Accidents happen around a busy office. You get one free replacement. After that, we have to charge depending on model.
Q. The airpot is not working or won't pump?
A. All gaskets and pipes must be in place for it to function properly. Check and try again. 
Q. How do I clean this airpot?
A. Never submerge an airpot. Use hot soapy water with a long brush and rinse out.
Q. How do I prgram this coffee maker with the digital settings?
A. Go to the settings menu and you will be able to customize brew time, adjust timer, a couple others depending on unit. Call us if you are not able to figure it out.
Q. Equipment Used?
A. We are authorized delears for industry-leading brands such as Wilbur-Curtis, Bunn Corp, and Newco Inc.
Q. Service Locations?
A.We serve all of Arizona. Keep in mind, long distance travel does require a routine service charge.
Q. How do I make a payment?
A. You can call us to make a payment over the phone, mail us a Certified Business Check to: 8820 W Bell Rd #151, Peoria, AZ, 85382, or pay on-site when we come to service your business. Just let us know in advance.
Q. Can I cancel my lease?
A. You can cancel your lease at anytime. However, you are Responsible for fulfilling and closing out your remaining lease terms.
Q. Why do you charge a lease?
A. We are not in the business of wheeling and dealing coffee machines. We service your buiness with top quality coffee products and A+ rated service. The Price Guarantee is to ensure you are buying our products and service by not using our equipment we loan out to you at no charge with store bought products. The only exception to a lease, is how fancy the client wants their coffee maker and therefore, we have to upcharge a monthly fee to control costs. You are welcome to buy the machine or buy out at the end of your term.
Consumer FAQ's
Q.Do you offer refunds if I don't like the coffee?
A. Our products are fresh and locally produced. Unfortunately, we can't offer refunds on products simply based on dislikes. Majority of our products are Final Sale. If you have a problem or questions rearding a product quality, contact us.
Q. Do you have a coffee shop in Peoria?
A No, we do not have a physical location or coffee shop as of yet. The address is Mailing Only. 
Q. I bought at the farmer's market and now you aren't there. Where are you?
A. You can order online, call us, email us. We are everywhere and can still get all the products you love and want to continue to purchase. If we don't have it in stock, we will order it.
Q. Why is there a lot of out of stock items?
A. Our products are roasted fresh and do not sit on a warehouse shelf. If you see something you would like to purchase that says out of stock, please contact us to complete the order.
Q. How long will my order take?
A. Once order is received, you will receive a email confirmation within 24 hours with expected times. Total start to finish time could take 7-10 buiness days.
Q. Can I get a Discount if I buy coffee all the time?
A. We run specials from time to time and also have a loyalty program that rewards our VIP customers with discounts. 
If you are a business, you can refer to the wholesale tab for more information or call us.