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Welcome!  If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us and we will be glad to help.

Commercial Office Coffee Sales- Office Buildings, Medical, Educational, Restaurants, Bars, Non-Profits. We don't stop there. Even order for your own home, if you wish.

You wouldn't believe the money we saved our clients by pointing out the little things that add up in the breakroom. Let us cut the fat on wasted product, salesman gimics and put it towards the best products and service here in Arizona.

We can come to your business and do a blind taste test of your current product vs. ours. Upon first order, our short 15 minute demonstration will show your staff proper brewing and general cleanliness.

Are you tired of the taste of typical office coffee or having to make a coffee run costing work interuption?  Well, turn that frown right side up and give your employees something to smile about.

We use relaible sources and direct buying to provide you with the best pricing, and top quality personalized service. This allows you to make custom selections based on weekly average usage. We want you to enjoy your coffee fresh and not have a backroom stacked with old product..

Here are motivating reasons to choose us:

~We have a large selection of premium coffee and tea products to suit the most discerning tastes that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

~ We support Operation Homefront and provide this non-profit with coffee to keep the team alert and as well as products for different events they hold.

~ We are a Arizona Local Business, Family-Owned and Operated.  

~ We are Accredited with the BBB for trust, honesty and quality.

~ We are memebrs with the Specialty Coffee Assocation for training, industry trends, and informed knowledge about the industry. 




Our signature line of fire-roasted coffee: Bourbon Bean and Morning Rush Colombian. Only available in Ground or Whole Bean.

Fresh Local Roasted Coffee. Our roaster makes each batch made-to-order. Never worry about old coffee again. 

Packaging comes in Fraction packs ranging from 2.5oz to 3.5oz, Single Serve Pods, Disk pods, Regular Bulk Ground or Whole Bean, We even have a Nitro Cold Brew System.


We have a custom blended line of loose leaf tea.

Our tea also comes in fraction packs, single serve pods, and sachets. Try our Botanical Fuzzy Peach. No sugar and no caffeine. Great for Hot Summer Days. Perfect in your restaurant. Customers will come back just for the tea. 

David Rio Line of Product (Single serve packets or bulk product of chai and similar beverages)


Organic Hot Cocoa premixed

Organic Cane Sugar

Select Line of Organic Chocolate

Condiments, beverage accessories, coolers, cups, creamers, racks.

Snacks, Water and Baked Goods:

Out with those clunky vending machines. Used in our smaller office environments. We have an open concept snack bar that  goes in your breakroom and provides employees with a variety of crackers, healthy option chips and quick little bites.

For those that like to spoil there employees or have an upcoming event, we teamed up with Norah's Macarrons and Hopes Artisan Bread, to give you the best morning crave of little bites and cinnamon rolls. Priced afforadable and business friendly.

We have water cooler services. No more $13- 5 gallon bottles of water in your office. Inquire Today!


We are an Authorized Dealer for Bunn Corp, Curtis-Wilbur, and Newco Inc. Warranty comes with new purchased equipment, and repair service is available through us as an option or one of our authorized repair centers.

If you are a new restaurant, bar, or other commercial kitchen type establishment, you are more than welcome to purchase equipment through us without coffee obligations.

We have Single Server Brewers, Pour-overs, Direct in-line, fully automatic espresso machines, and everything in between for juice, coffee,  and tea.

If you do not own your own brewing equipment we have options:

1. Purchase Out-Right, 2. Lease Only (Longer Agreement, Lower Prices), 3. No Cost lease on select brewing equipment only

We will service the equipment for general maintenance and keep it running at no additional charge.

You have the option to purchase a water filteration system on equipment to protect our investment and yours. Keep in mind, it is mandatory if using our equipment, that a water filtartion system be inplace.. 

Lastly, we have picked our business suppliers, equipment and vendors very carefully for quality control and reputability. With names in the coffee industry for over 75 years, you can trust us for top notch everytime.

Contact Us For More Detail and Further Assistance.

Hosting Corporate Events

We will come to your office and set up 6-foot table(s) with nitro coffee and local baked goods that includes full service where we pour for your guests/employees; time and product costs will apply.

Looking for Wholesale Pricing?

We offer wholesale pricing if your business wishes to sell our product in a retail setting.  Keep in mind, you will need to provide a vaild Arizona Resale Tax Exemption License in order to qualify for no tax. Per our agreement with equipment manufacturers, you may not purchase equipment from us and resell. You are considered the end-user.

Looking for global? You found it. We source coffee from around the world. We are able to drop ship dircetly to you. For commercial orders for import/export, please contact us for more information. Our broker will handle your order and explain the process.