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 Who Are We?

We started our success as "The Mean Bean Organic Coffee Company" in October 2017 and re-branded in January 2019 as "Coffee2TheMax". Our company mission is to offer the best quality products, and have industry leading customer service all while keeping a vehicle for positive change in the world and the people we do business with.  Our vision for the company was created to take coffee and tea to new levels. We want our company to shape the future for positve change in the industry and how commercial coffee should be. Far to long have large conglomerate companies tarnished office coffee service. We are here to change that.  We navigate away from the norm found at most places and put our own spin on a relaxing cup of coffee.

As a family-owned and operated business, we want to take care of our customers and create relationships that aren't just another name or number in line.  We ensure our employees take pride in their work and want to grow with our dynamic company.  Most Importantly, we pick our vendors very carefully who provide us with premium products and activism around the globe. 

What We offer?

Fresh roasted coffee, loose leaf tea, premium Chai, the best Cold Brew and Nitro Brew. See Sales Tab for more detail.

Our products are eco-friendly and responsibly sourced.  We proudly purchase our products from small businesses.  These companies work directly with communities, animal protective groups, growers, and/or farmers that produce the best coffee and tea.  I personally challenge you to experience a new speed in this market.  We hope you're ready for a new coffee and tea drinking expeience. 

Try our signature products:

Bourbon Bean.  Roasted by us to a Medium/Dark roast.  You will find a flavor profile of a rich, smooth earthy complex, dark undertones, and a plesant hint of real bourbon.  Not overpowering and great for anytime at home or the workplace.

Red Red Wine:  Our Famous Loose Lead Tea. It's like red wine and custom blended with peach, apple, rosehips, elderberries, and other good stuff to get you feeling recharged, refreshed, and clear that stuffy nose.

Power Chai:  Kenyan black tea and spices with potent and energizing antioxidants of Japanese matcha.  Vegan friendly, dairy-free.

Why The Name?

Coffee2TheMax incorporates coffee at all levels.  When you think of coffee, you think of roasts. Some like it to be a light roast and some like it full French roast.  The name takes it to any level of beverage which includes our roasted coffee, specialty teas, or coffee brews like nitro or cold brew.  The name signifies what is your Max?  You can have it simple or to the newest trend in what’s ahead for the coffee future.  Your Max could also be the roast level.  Coffee does not stop perking and we find it to be the rise and grind of our daily routine. We allowed the name to signifiy growth in the company for products and services we offer, in which case as coffee takes on new heights so the name will to. 

Where Are We?

Currently, you can find us:  Park West "Peoria Farmer's Market", Saturdays, 9am-2pm Oct-Apr, Loop 101 & Northern Ave, Peoria, AZ.


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